by Kenny Munro and  Lesley-May Miller


" Geddes's Scotland embraced Europe and his

Europe embraced the world " Lewis Mumford


" Patrick Geddes's thinking addresses key

issues of today's Europe.

Geddes was a pioneering ecologist, a town

planner, a botanist, a theorist of cities and

regions, an advocate of the arts and

architecture, a community activist, a

publisher and an educator."


A quote from ' A European Scot : Patrick Geddes ' by Murdo Macdonald 1997


" Specialisations, specialists, I consider in a

way to be an accident of our time. I

think we should go back to the idea of a

general view, and in Scotland you have a

good grounding in this approach, not least

because of the work of Patrick Geddes....."


Quote from Giancarlo De Carlo



In India, when a tree is growing through a wall,

it is the wall that must come down.

Kathleen Raine

The shy shadow in the garden loves the sun in silence,

Flowers guess the secret, and smile, while the leaves whisper.

Rabindranath Tagore


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