Images d'archives de l'Institut Patrick Geddes de Yamaguchi - Japon : 

Patrick Geddes au Collège des Écossais à l'Université de Montpellier

Farewell gathering for Patrick Geddes, Bombay's first Professor of Civics and Sociology, March 1923.
He is standing fifth from left. Seated at left are Arthur Geddes and Gospal Advani (later secretary of the Scots College, Montpellier).

P.G.'s 'Mediterranean Outlook Tower',
the first part of his Scots College dating from 1924-5.

Vivendo Discimus, blazon of the Scots College as done by Arthur Geddes in bas relief
on the front of the original tower building.

Arthur Geddes, Mrs Fraser Davies, Gladys Mayer and Patrick Geddes
at the Scots College, February 1925.

Omnibus to Assas, P.G.'s 'Chateau White Elephant'!
The happy purchaser on roof in middle, while Arthur Geddes holds the horses, and Mabel Barker stands beside the vehicle.

Group of visitors on a conducted tour of Assas.
Back row left: Ahala Bose, wife of the Indian bio-physicist. Second row, third from right, P.G., then Tagore's active man, Mr Mahanalobis then Victor Branford; front row, second from right: Sir J.C. Bose (May 1927).

by leaves we live, by creating we think, by living we learn

The college des Ecossais as completed in 1930
with the financial support of Lilian Geddes whom P.G. married in 1928 after eleven years as a windower.

Teaching with Love and Logic

P.G. in one of the gardens with residents of the Scots College, Spring 1930.
Indian College under construction in background.

College residents and Le Play House Visitors on Classification of Sciences Terrace,
College des Ecossais, Easter 1930.

P.G. and Paul Reclus

P.G. seated in front of the tower of the Scots College, 1929,
making a diagram while smoking one of the half cigarettes ordained by his doctor.

Sir J. Arthur Thompson (1861-1933)
P.G.'s pupil, friend and colleague of longest standing.